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Shooting the Prodigal

“[Young people] are practically begging for creative expressions of the gospel. To connect with them, we have to find new stories, new parables, new ways of telling the timeless truths of the Bible’s message.” (David Kinnaman, Unchristian: What a new generation really thinks about Christianity… and why it matters)

Belltower Pictures is doing just that... entertaining and inspiring... telling timeless truths in new, fresh ways. Read More

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Casting call for two lead roles

Anne Chapman Casting is searching for local and regional actors to play lead and principal roles in the feature film Shooting the Prodigal. This motion picture is a feature length comedy about a church that makes a movie about the prodigal son.  Shooting the Prodigal has over 50 speaking roles.  Keep an eye out for further breakdowns […]

Press news Belltower Pictures

Recent Press about our new film

Recently the Richmond Times-Dispatch interviewed David Powers, President of Belltower Pictures, about the upcoming film Shooting The Prodigal. Read the full interview online.

Spring & Summer Internships available

Spring & Summer Internships available

Belltower Pictures invites qualified students to apply for Spring and Summer 2015 internships. Interns will be involved in the production of the feature film, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL. All internships are unpaid. Click here for the online application. The objective of the internship program is to provide students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience and […]

Heather Waters, producer of SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL

Heather Waters joins production team

Heather Waters has joined the production team for Belltower Pictures’ feature film, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL. She joins Ken Roy as a producer. Ken and Heather will be responsible for all aspects of producing the film. Heather’s responsibilities include Audience Engagement, Marketing and Distribution. She and Ken will work with Director David Powers in providing creative […]

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