Belltower Pictures is an independent non-profit corporation focused on producing, promoting and distributing high quality faith-themed films, television and web projects. Our mission is to entertain and inspire, telling great stories that reveal spiritual truth.


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Shooting the Prodigal

“[Young people] are practically begging for creative expressions of the gospel. To connect with them, we have to find new stories, new parables, new ways of telling the timeless truths of the Bible’s message.” (David Kinnaman, Unchristian: What a new generation really thinks about Christianity… and why it matters)

Belltower Pictures is doing just that... entertaining and inspiring... telling timeless truths in new, fresh ways. Read More

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To all our followers and supporters, We hope you are enjoying our character “posts” on Facebook and our Seed and Spark page! We can’t wait to see everyone on the big screen. Thank you so much for your Seed and Spark contributions, either financial or by following us. Your support has gotten us this far […]

Seed & Spark

Crowdfunding Campaign Metrics

We need your help to get us on the front page of Seed and Spark as a Hot Crowdfunding Campaign. You can help us by clicking on the link and then clicking on the aqua “follow” button on the right side of the page. THEN share the link with your friends and ask them to follow us […]

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In The News

In the local news this week are two great articles on the film. You can check them out at: Our other producer, Ken Roy, was not mentioned in the first, but without Ken’s wonderful expertise, our production would not have gone so smoothly. Thank you, Ken! A second article came out this week in the Herald Progress, […]

Seed & Spark

Contribution Deadline Approaching

We have 25 days left to reach our goal. Friends, Can you believe this is our last week of filming? Even though the cast and crew will wrap up at the end of the week, the post production work for the film will just be starting. Our director and producers will be working long hours […]


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