Dr. Michael J. Clingenpeel, Senior Pastor of River Road Church, Baptist, talks with Belltower Pictures President David Powers during the clergy gathering October 23.

Richmond-area clergy hear plans for film

Twenty representatives from Richmond, Virginia area congregations and ministries gathered October 23 to hear plans for the production of SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL, the first film from Belltower Pictures.

The gathering, hosted by Bobby and Jeff Ukrop at the Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods headquarters, marked the public kickoff of the production, slated for principal photography in May 2015. The first activities of pre-production include setting up volunteer teams to handle catering, craft services, first aid, transportation, production office coordination, donations, security, interns, and extras. Another team will coordinate the prayer effort throughout pre-production, principal photography and post-production.

Executive Producer David Powers asked the church leaders to pray for the production. “Pray that we will effectively tell God’s story, God’s way. Pray that God will provide all the money, people and resources needed. Pray for the audience. Pray that the cast and crew will become one – modeling the Kingdom of Heaven.”

He also asked them to help spread the word among their congregations and help recruit the hundreds of volunteers needed in all aspects of production.

One of the biggest challenges of the endeavor, David said, and one which he invited the leaders to join in solving, is how to engage the audience. “Most ‘Christian movies’ have a relatively easy-to-reach audience: church members. Obviously, we hope church folks will see the film. But we want to reach those who are turned off from church. Where are they? How do we communicate with them? How do we engage with them before, during and after the movie opens?” He invited the ministry representatives to join the collaboration on how to effectively engage the audience for the film.

Get all the details in the Clergy Gathering handout (downloadable pdf).

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