Belltower Pictures launches Live to Serve Campaign

Belltower Pictures has launched a Live to Serve campaign to raise money for our first feature film, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL – and we need your help! No donations required though!

Live to Serve is a Richmond based ecommerce site where you can shop for vouchers good at local merchants and drive 50-70% of every transaction to Belltower Pictures. Yes, you read that right. 50-70%!

You can purchase all sorts of things: Dinner out, a massage, Mini-Golf, Paint Ball, Bowling, coffee, Segway tours and much more! There’s something for everyone and you can purchase not only for yourself but as gifts.

Live to ServeThe campaign continues through Christmas Day.

This is a great way to do your Christmas shopping and support Belltower Pictures at the same time.

Here’s what to do in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Go to and search for Belltower Pictures. Select our cause.

2. Purchase vouchers for local merchants.

3. Have fun and enjoy knowing that 50-70% of everything you purchased goes back to Belltower Pictures.

When you buy a $30 voucher, you get $30 worth of value, but $15 or more goes back to support the production of SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL! Its a win-win proposition.

Live to serve… and join us through December 25.

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