Shooting the Prodigal movie

Casting Call: 8 supporting roles

Anne Chapman Casting is searching for local actors for principal roles in the feature film Shooting the Prodigal. This motion picture is a feature length comedy about a church that makes a movie about the prodigal son. Shooting the Prodigal has over 40 speaking roles. Keep an eye out for further breakdowns in the weeks to come. Pay from $150/day to $250/day depending upon role. We are currently seeking actors for the following 8 roles AUNT JUDITH, FORSYTHIA, SALLIE ANN, MIRANDA MAE, GUY, OLD FRED, HARVEY & TED. Submissions are open for these roles only at present.

Non-Union Low-Budget Feature Film

Director: David Powers

Producers: Ken Roy & Heather Waters

Screenwriters: Deborah Hocutt, David Powers & Greg Womble

Casting Director: Anne Chapman

Casting Assistant: Shannon Laribo

Shoot dates: June 23rd, for 4 weeks

Shoot location: greater Richmond, Virginia area

Audition dates: Wednesday, April 29th, Wednesday, May 6th & Friday, May 8th, 2015

Audition location: Richmond, Virginia

Pay: $150-250/shoot day depending upon role

STORY LINE: SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is a comedy: a movie about a church making a movie about the Prodigal son. A brash young Jewish filmmaker from New York tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher in south Alabama make a movie about the Prodigal Son. In the process they both learn about acceptance, love and grace.

Submission instructions: Submit current headshot and resume at:

AUNT JUDITH: Caucasian Female, mid-late 60s.  Bold and plainspoken, a real go getter. Grew up in the Bronx and found success in business at an early age. She is good with money but unlucky with husbands. One of 4 Jews living in Homer, Alabama, she doesn’t always feel at home, but loves the rural estate she inherited from her 3rd husband. Has no children of her own, but dotes on her nephew. Always up for an adventure, realizing life is as interesting as you make it. Golf is her passion… golf and margaritas.

SUPPORTING $200/shoot day.  5 days

FORSYTHIA: Caucasian Female, early 80s. Old school church secretary. Crotchety and blunt, but faithful and protective of her boss, pastor Brother Bob Cross. Rules the church office with an iron first and a bullhorn, literally. Her ever present walker is more of a bulldozer than a walking aid.

SUPPORTING $250/shoot day.  7 days

SALLIE ANN: Caucasian Female, late teens. Cute and flirtatious, has no qualms about getting her fellow pew mates in trouble passing notes during the Sunday sermon.   Loves being the center of attention, in fact, really loves being the center of attention.

SUPPORTING $200/shoot day.  5 days

MIRANDA MAE: Caucasian Female, 7-9yrs. Prissy and cute as a button. Winner of a scripture memory contest who is invited to share her verse in front of the entire congregation. Very sweet and quite proud of her accomplishment.

PRINCIPAL $150/shoot day.  1 day

GUY: Caucasian Male, mid 60s. Stern and unyielding, this never married CPA is chair of the church board and finance committee. He has a private CPA practice, but the church is his life. His views on how the church should work are not open to interpretation. He seems to always have a scowl on his face. He is a stickler for accountability and following the rules.

SUPPORTING $250/shoot day.  11 days

OLD FRED: Caucasian Male, 80 yrs. Always willing to help, no job is too small. He is a man of few, but wise words. Humble yet eccentric. Fred lost the love of his life after 50 years of marriage. Recently his pet goat, Gracie, seems to accompany him everywhere, including church. Fred is so kind and lovable that everyone is willing to put up with Gracie, even when Fred decides to put a bonnet on her, “bless his heart”. Not a mean bone in his body.

SUPPORTING $250/shoot day.  6 days

HARVEY: Caucasian Male, 60s. Ever present church board member. Continually brings up the church’s better days under Brother Bob Cross’s father. Harvey is concerned with the direction Brother Bob is taking the church. Conservative fiscally, spiritually and every other way possible.

SUPPORTING $250/shoot day.  8 days

TED: Caucasian Male, 70s-80s. Church board member and good buddy to Harvey. They are two peas in a pod. Ted is very concerned with the direction Brother Bob Cross is taking the church and takes every opportunity to express his concern. The opposite of open minded and not likely to ever become open minded. Kind of a stick in the mud.   Suffers from narcolepsy.

SUPPORTING $250/shoot day.  8 days

Auditions are by appointment only. We very much appreciate your interest in SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL. Submitting gets you consideration for an audition, but does not guarantee you one. You will be contacted with an invitation to audition if selected. Thank you so much!

Anne Chapman Casting

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