The historic Byrd Theatre is the location for the Richmond International Film Festival.


The world premiere of SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL, the new comedy from Belltower Pictures will take place March 3, 2016, as the red carpet opening night feature of the Richmond International Film Festival at the historic Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia.

The film, starring Paul Wilson and Sterling Hurst, directed by David E. Powers, and produced by Ken Roy & Heather Waters, was shot in and around Richmond in 2015. It is the first feature film to be produced by the Richmond-based non-profit company.

“We’re excited to bring this film home to premiere in Richmond where so many of the cast and crew live. Virginia is our home and a gracious host to us,” said producer Ken Roy.

SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is a satirical faith-based comedy set in south Alabama where a brash, young Jewish film student from New York, Josh Blume (Hurst) tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher, Brother Bob Cross (Wilson) and his church make a movie about the prodigal son.

“It is a story about acceptance and inclusion,” said director David Powers. “As the preacher and his congregation try to accept the ‘outsiders’ who gather to make the movie, they are challenged to expand their ‘comfortable Christian nest,’ as Brother Bob learns by making new friends and re-thinking old relationships.”

Trailer and additional information available on the website:

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