SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL, the new comedy from Belltower Pictures will be available in select theaters in the U.S. beginning April 1, 2016. The film premiered tonight as the opening night red carpet event at the Richmond (Virginia) International Film Festival.

Belltower is partnering with to bring the film to audiences on a cinema-on-demand basis. Individuals, groups, and organizations can set up screenings in their local theaters and community venues. Details at

Belltower has also signed an agreement with Virgil Films and Entertainment for North American DVD, digital, broadcast and ancillary distribution. Release on those platforms is expected late summer.

Belltower Pictures is forming other strategic partnerships to distribute this and future films from its home base in Richmond, Virginia. “The film industry is changing rapidly,” said Belltower president David Powers. “We are positioning ourselves to be nimble and responsive in this dynamic environment, not only in the way we go about producing films, but also in the way we distribute them.”

SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is a satirical faith-based comedy set in south Alabama where a brash, young Jewish film student from New York, Josh Blume (played by Sterling Hurst) tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher, Brother Bob Cross (played by Paul Wilson) and his church make a movie about the prodigal son.

“It is a story about acceptance and inclusion,” said Powers, who is also the film’s writer and director. “As the preacher and his congregation struggle to accept the ‘outsiders’ who gather to make the movie, they are challenged to expand their ‘comfortable Christian nest’ and do what Jesus said: Love one another.”

Belltower Pictures is an independent non-profit corporation focused on producing, promoting and distributing high quality faith-themed films, television and web projects.

Trailer and additional information available on the website:

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