New Marketing Campaign Launched for SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL

We are on the leading edge of an exciting new marketing campaign for our film, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL.

As of last Friday (January 27), we successfully separated from Virgil Films, which means you won’t find streaming and download copies of the film on iTunes,, and most of the other online platforms anymore. (It will remain available on

This is not by accident, but rather, by design. Our plan is to relaunch the DVD sales effort via an online campaign that appeals directly to folks who are looking for films with a message of unity and diversity – a message our film delivers in abundance.

We have also decided to change the title of the film. The new title is BY THE GRACE OF BOB. This title provides us access to a broader audience and the opportunity for higher visibility online.

Selling directly to consumers offers us two key benefits: much larger royalties on the DVDs and a strong public relations platform intended to engage the mainstream media in a way that was not open to us in the past. Our strategy is to use those two tactics in conjunction to motivate sales.

We will eventually bring our film back to all of those previous online platforms, along with a few new ones. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more about that.

We deeply appreciate your support. We are excited by the fresh opportunities to market a film we believe appeals to those with strong values and a love of their fellow humans.

Thanks for your continuing support!

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