About Belltower Pictures

Belltower Pictures is an independent non-profit (501c3) corporation focused on producing, promoting and distributing films, television and web projects.

Among our goals are to help train the next generation of filmmakers; and to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to participate in all aspects of development, production, promotion, audience engagement, and distribution.

SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is Belltower Pictures' first feature film. It's a comedy... a movie about a church making a movie about the Prodigal son. Jesus told the parable to the Pharisees as sinners and tax collectors listened in. Likewise, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL speaks to Christians whose faith has grown cold and institutional. At the same time, it has a message for skeptics in our culture who view the church as judgmental and hypocritical. Like Jesus, we want to open the door to conversation with a story that depicts acceptance, love and grace as the free gift of God to all of His children.