About Belltower Pictures

Belltower Pictures… telling great stories that make a positive difference in the world

Belltower Pictures is an independent non-profit corporation focused on producing, promoting and distributing high quality films, television and web projects. Our values and priorities include telling great stories that have a positive impact on people’s lives; training and encouraging the next generation of filmmakers; and bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, working together and making a difference in the world.

We also provide fiscal sponsorship for like-minded filmmakers who produce projects that are aligned with our mission.

Belltower Pictures was incorporated as a Virginia non-profit corporation in 2012. We released our first feature film, “By the Grace of Bob” in 2016.

Current projects in development include two television series, another feature film, and a documentary.

We are also excited to partner as fiscal sponsor with 2675 Days, LLC in the production of a documentary about two former Vietnam war POWs, Fred Cherry and Porter Halyburton, who endured torture, helped each other survive, and forged a lifelong friendship that transcends racial boundaries.