The Belltower Pictures team will take SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL to the American Film Market November 4-11. Producers Ken Roy & Heather Waters and Director David Powers will represent the film and seek to establish marketing and distribution partnerships.

AFM is a marketplace where industry professionals conduct business. According to the market’s producer, the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA), “Over 8,000 industry leaders will converge in Santa Monica for eight days of deal‐making, screenings, seminars, networking and events.” Participants come from over 80 countries.

Post-production on the film is about 90% complete. Over the last two weeks, the production team has focused on incorporating feedback received from 300 audience members who participated in three test screenings of the rough cut.

SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL official trailer released

Belltower Pictures has released the official trailer for SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL.

The film is in the final stages of post-production.

SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is a comedy, a movie about a church making a movie about the prodigal son. Negotiations are underway for distribution.

See the trailer on the Belltower Pictures YouTube channel or on the film’s Facebook page. Be sure to “like” the page and keep up with current developments.


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Shooting the Prodigal movie

Call For Extras

Here’s your chance to be in the movie Shooting the Prodigal!
We are recruiting background talent for a series of church scenes shooting July 8th, 10th, and 11th at First Baptist Church in Ashland. No experience required.
For more information or to sign up please contact Brandon Over at:

Shooting the Prodigal Paul Wilson as Brother Bob Cross

Principal Cast Announced for SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL

Belltower Pictures has announced actor and Virginia native, Paul Wilson will play “Brother Bob” in its first independent film, Shooting The Prodigalabout a young filmmaker from New York as he tries to help an over-zealous Baptist preacher in Alabama make a movie about the Prodigal Son. Sterling Hurst plays the young New Yorker.

Shooting-the-Prodigal-Josh-Blume-Sterling-HurstWilson and Hurst join a cast that includes Liberty University student, Christie Osterhus, Micah Brown, Pepi Streiff, Joseph Gray (Killing Kennedy), as well as cameos by Tim and Daphne Reid. Wilson is best known for his role as Lyle Makin in Adriana Trigiani’s screen adaptation of Big Stone Gap, which stars Ashley Judd and Whoopi Goldberg. Hurst plays Mac Daddy in the 2015 film Shifting Gears, which also features C. Thomas Howell, Brooke Langton, John Ratzenberger, and M. Emmet Walsh.

Shooting The Prodigal was written and is being directed by David E. Powers, produced by Heather Waters, who is founder of the Richmond International Film Festival, and Ken Roy, vice president of the Legacy Media Institute. Anne Chapman is the casting director and Richard Blankenship is the film’s production designer.

“Cynicism, polarization, and judgment pollute society. As Christians I think we are called to meet all with grace and acceptance. Yet even the church has gained a reputation for judgment and hypocrisy. This little film portrays a small church in Homer, Alabama in its struggle to love and accept one another. The quirky characters make us laugh… partly because we see ourselves reflected in their attitudes and situations,” David Powers says.

“Our hope is that the film will serve as a change agent not just for its genre, but for the message it conveys,” said Waters. “It’s a faith-themed film yet also a comedy with lovable, outrageous characters. The story is really about celebrating people’s differences.”

Principal photography begins June 23, 2015 in Ashland, Petersburg, Chesterfield County, Colonial Heights, and Richmond, Virginia.

Shooting the Prodigal movie

Casting call for 24 day player roles

Anne Chapman Casting is searching for local actors for day player roles in the Non-Union Low-Budget Feature Film Shooting the Prodigal. This motion picture is a feature length comedy about a church that makes a movie about the prodigal son. Shooting the Prodigal has over 40 speaking roles. Pay from $150/day to $200/day depending upon role.

Director: David Powers

Producers: Ken Roy & Heather Waters

Screenwriters: Deborah Hocutt, David Powers & Greg Womble

Casting Director: Anne Chapman

Casting Assistants: Shannon Laribo, Amy Fox

Shoot dates: June 23rd, for 4 weeks

Shoot location: greater Richmond, Virginia area

Audition dates: Wednesday, May 20th & Friday, May 22nd & Selected days May 26th-June 5th, 2015

Audition location: Richmond, Virginia

Pay: $150-200/shoot day


Submission instructions:

Submit current headshot and resume to:


We are currently seeking actors for the following roles:     

CAMERA ASSISTANT: Any Ethnicity Male, late teens-early 20s.  High school stud. Camera slate operator on the film within the film, film crew.  $200/shoot day.  7 days 

ADAM: Middle Eastern Male, late 20s.  The Prodigal son in the film within the film.   $200/day.  5 days

NEWSPAPER REPORTER/PHOTOGRAPHER: Any Ethnicity, male or female, 20s-50s.  Comes to the film set to take photos and interview Pastor BROTHER BOB about the film he is making.  $150/shoot day.  1 day 

PETER: Middle Eastern Male. early 30s.  The older brother of the Prodigal son in the film within the film.  $150/shoot day.  2 days

AHMAD: Middle Eastern Male, 60s.  Father of Prodigal son in film within the film.  Actor in local theatre productions.  Very sweet man with a heart condition.   $200/shoo t day.  4 days  

AMANDA: Middle Eastern Female, 60s.  Mother of Prodigal son in film within the film.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

SALLIE ANN’S MOTHER: Caucasian Female, late 30s – late 40s.  Mother of actress in film within the film.  Often worries about her flighty, flirty daughter.  Wants her daughter to concentrate on her school work and is tiring of the time the film production is taking.  $150/shoot day.  2 days

DAVID MOAZ: Caucasian Male, 20s.  NYC film school graduate who is starting to see some success in his filmmaking career.  Makes a point of hiring his film school classmates whenever possible.  Talented, tenacious and a good friend. $150/shoot day.  1 day

JERRY: Caucasian Male, 60s.  Longtime loyal member of the congregation. Along with his wife, loves to socialize/gossip after every sermon.  Compliments the pastor on his sermon and welcoming of guests to the church.   Opinionated about how church should be run.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

JENNY: Caucasian Female, 60s.  Longtime loyal member of the congregation. Along with her husband, loves to socialize/gossip after every sermon. Quintessential church lady.  $150/shoot day.  1day

BAR PATRON: Any Ethnicity Male, 50s-60s.  NYC neighborhood bar regular, relishes being an expert on any and all subjects.  A real New Yorker, proud of growing up in Queens.  Never at a loss for words, a friendly jokester.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

CUTE GIRL IN BAR: Any Ethnicity Female, 20s.  A woman of few words, just in the bar to grab lunch.   Not at all interested in the boring stories of a film school student trying to pick her up.  Has no problem walking out when the opportunity arises.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

MARTIAL ARTS FATHER: Caucasian Male, 40s-60s. Congregation member trying out for a film, with his 2 sons who practice martial arts. This role does not require martial arts skills.$150/shoot day.  1 day

MARTIAL ARTS OLDER SON: Caucasian Male, teenage-early 20s. Congregation member trying out for film as martial arts actor.  Need martial arts skills.  $150/shoot day. 1 day

MARTIAL ARTS YOUNGER SON: Caucasian Male, teens.  Congregation member trying out for film as Martial arts actor.  Need martial arts skills.$150/shoot day.  1 day

COWBOY FATHER: Caucasian Male, 40s-60s.  Congregation member trying out for film as an old timey cowboy in a saloon.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

COWBOY SON: Caucasian male, teens-20s.  Congregation member trying out for film as old timey cowboys in a saloon.  Rides in on a stick pony.   $150/shoot day.  1 day

GODFATHER: Caucasian Male, 40s-60s.  Congregation member trying out for film.  Bad imitation of a mobster!    $150/shoot day.  1 day

MOBSTER SONS #1 & #2: Caucasian Males, teens-20s.  Congregation members trying out for film.  Bad imitation of mobsters!  $150/shoot day.  1 day  

FLAPPER: Caucasian Female, late teens and early 20s.  Congregation member trying out for film.  Bad imitation of a mobster’s moll, very melodramatic and employs fake crying.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

OLDER WOMAN: Caucasian Female, 50s-70s.  Helps the g irls in the film with their makeup, protective of them and actively keeps leering teenage boys at bay.  Nothing gets past her.  $150/shoot day.  1 day

HOMELESS MAN: Caucasian Male, 30s-60s.  Actor in the film within the film. Verbally confronts someone he thinks is trying to cut in line.   $150/shoot day.  1 day

HOMELESS WOMAN: Caucasian Female, 30s-60s.  Actor in the film within the film.  Angry when she thinks someone is cutting in line in front of her. Loud. $150/shoot day. 1 day.

STORY LINE: SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is a comedy: a movie about a church making a movie about the Prodigal son.  A brash young Jewish filmmaker from New York tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher in south Alabama make a movie about the Prodigal son.  In the process they both learn about acceptance, love and grace.

Auditions are by appointment only.  We very much appreciate your interest in SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL. Submitting gets you consideration for an audition, but does not guarantee you one. You will be contacted with an invitation to audition if selected. Thank you so much!

Anne Chapman Casting