The objective of the internship program is to provide students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn from professionals in each department. The deadline for applying was March 6.

Producer’s Intern – Reports to Ken Roy, Producer
Help oversee the schedule and budget, coordinating the work of all production departments.

Production Design Intern – Reports to Production Designer
Creating the visual appearance of the film – setting the tone for settings, wardrobe, makeup.

Set Decoration Intern – Reports to Set Decorator
Help decorate the set, which includes the furnishings and all the other objects that will be seen in the film. Help identify sources for set dressing and props.

Grip/Electric Intern – Reports to Key Grip
Help with rigging lights and cameras, working with the electrical and camera departments.

Wardrobe intern – Reports to Costume Designer
Responsible for all the clothing and costumes worn by all the actors that appear on screen.

Camera Department Intern – Reports to Director of Photography
Responsible for assisting camera department with cameras/lenses/recording media, etc. Help with video monitors on set.

Documentary Intern – Reports to Behind-the-scenes documentary videographer
Capture behind-the-scenes footage, conduct interviews with cast and crew.

Digital Imaging Intern – Reports to Digital Imaging Technician
Responsible for archiving and managing the digital data and preparation all digital images in preparation for post-production.

Production Sound Intern – Reports to Production Sound Mixer
Responsible for assisting with recording sound and managing microphones/cable/recording media during filming.

Location Scout/Manager Intern (could begin as early as March) – Reports to Location Manager
Scouting and clearing locations for filming and managing the locations once the cast and crew are on-site.

Post Production Intern – Reports to Editor
Responsible for assisting with assembling all the captured footage and audio into an edited film.

Marketing/Distribution Intern (could begin as early as March) – Reports to Heather Waters, Producer
Engage potential audiences, manage social media & website, help develop distribution strategy.

BTP Administrative Intern (could begin as early as March) – Reports to Barbara Mait, Belltower Pictures Executive Director
Assist with corporate operations and administration of the parent production company; assist with fundraising events.

Patty Whitfield (email)
Internship Coordinator
Belltower Pictures
2709 Monument Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220