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Belltower Pictures is an independent non-profit corporation focused on producing, promoting and distributing high quality films, television and web projects. Our values and priorities… telling great stories that have a positive impact on people’s lives; training and encouraging the next generation of filmmakers; bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, working together and making a difference in the world.

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Anahita, a police officer in Kabul, and the mother of five, tells of her escape as the Taliban takes over in August 2021, her harrowing journey out of Afghanistan and the beginning of her new life in the United States.

An Emmy award-winning documentary, HEARD captures the inspiring stories of four people who grew up in “the projects” – how they’re surviving and thriving in spite of… and often because of the challenges they’ve had to overcome. Now they’re giving back to their home communities… trying to make a better life for those who come behind. This 90-minute documentary was produced by Belltower Pictures in partnership with VPM, and is distributed nationally by American Public Television.

When his youth pastor sells him on the virtues of making a movie that will help grow his congregation and the collection plates, Brother Bob risks his standing with Church Elders, and his father’s legacy, to roll cameras. The cast and crew are a motley mash up that includes a gay costume designer, an African-American cameraman, Muslim actors and homeless extras. Brother Bob and his cohorts discover that the play is NOT the thing. The community of diverse people from all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities is the real reward, teaching Brother Bob and his church a more valuable lesson — above all, love one another.

Telling great stories that make a positive difference in the world

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